Vembu - Decoding Cloud Services: Are you up for Disaster Recovery?

Decoding Cloud Services: Are you up for Disaster Recovery?

Cloud Services are in trend because of their simple and cost-effective advantages. For Small and Medium Businesses, Cloud Services provide great advantages by offering cost effective solutions for their requirements and unsophisticated implementation.

Every business needs to protect their business against the loss of data. Backup of their data directly to cloud and accessing it anytime by restoring instantly in case of data loss is the prime benefit of cloud services. The main benefits of cloud backup are easy to access, security and restoration anywhere, anytime with affordable price.

Vembu Cloud Services

Vembu Cloud Services is a simple and cost-effective backup and recovery solution to protect the data of Small and Medium businesses and letting the IT administrators to Backup their Physical and Virtual machines to Vembu Cloud. The flexible recovery options of Vembu cloud, enable the businesses to recover easily during the disaster scenarios and helps in achieving business continuity.

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Vembu Cloud Services

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About Vembu

Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery, File Share & CRM is designed for Small Businesses. Highly affordable and easy to use backup software and cloud services.