- What to do when you mess it all up

What to do when you mess it all up

Have you ever had a situation not go exactly as you planned?


Maybe you weren’t as social as you’d have liked the last time you went out…


Maybe you thought of something clever to say, after you finished talking to her…


Maybe you’re wondering why she suddenly went cold on you.


Whenever I’d find myself in those situations, I’d twist the negative emotions that I was feeling into reinforcement of a negative self belief.


Not good.


“I wasn’t being extroverted - I guess I’ll always be a shy guy who can’t say what’s on his mind.”


“Why didn’t I think of saying this earlier? I’m just not meant to be the funny, clever guy.”


“Damn, I lost another girl and I’ll have to start all over again. I won’t ever attract the beautiful women I want.”


This is the thinking that holds most guys back from growing and becoming more successful. Not just with women, but in all areas of life.


But you’re NOT most guys - you’re here, showing up, reading these emails.


You’re growing, learning, and becoming better.


So what do you do when you mess it all up?


The first step is always becoming aware.


Are you blaming yourself for things outside your control?


Did you make a dog joke...and later find out her dog died the day before?


There’s any number of things that have nothing to do with you personally, that affect the situation at hand.


Then, instead of being hyper focused on yourself, on what you did at that exact moment, “zoom out”.


Realize that one day, one moment isn’t make it or break it - you’ll always have the rest of your life.


Realize that opportunities will always come, if you’re open to them.


Realize that even the lowest of lows...come before the biggest growth spurts.


This is how you turn any situation into a learning opportunity.


And there are always two ways to learn:


You can either learn from your own mistakes, or from other’s mistakes.


I spent years making and learning from my own mistakes.


Here’s a quick “how to do it alone” if you’d like to go the “trial and error” route to getting better with women:


1. Go out 4 to 7 nights a week for at least 4 hours


2. Approach, on average 20 women each night


3. When you get home, write what you learned in a journal. Write what you did well, write what did wrong, and write what you’ll do differently next time.


4. Do this for at least 6 months to a year and you should develop a firm understanding of how attraction works and what women respond to.


If you faithfully follow those steps and continually practice awareness, you’d be successful. I don’t doubt that.


But 4 hours a night, 4 to 7 nights a week… that’s a lot of time to “get up to speed”.


What I’d recommend to learn from my mistakes.


I’ll be sending you some free content over the next few days.


You’ll learn some of my very best secrets, tips, techniques, and mindsets that will make you ultra-successful with women…


Starting tomorrow. So keep your eyes glued to your inbox, brotha.


You won’t want to miss out ;)


Rock and Roll,



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