- What “dating gurus” will never tell you

What “dating gurus” will never tell you

What’s up dude?


I’m gonna let you in on something that hardly any “guru” will tell you these days...


Before I get to that though…


I’m pretty sure that this is the LAST DAY that you can pick up Deck of Destiny.


So this is something that most people in this industry will NEVER tell you.


Find your thing.


Find your own style, your own strengths, and find what works for you - whether it’s my material here at The Social Man, or someone else’s material.


Most other “gurus” won’t ever tell you this, because most other gurus are simply there to suck dollars out of your pocket and into theirs.


But I ONLY introduce other people (who are actually my real life friends) to you guys on this list if they meet the same standards that I have for my programs.


Do they have YOUR best interests in mind, and can their material they get you results as well as ours can?


If they think about this before they think about making a dollar, then I’ll think about introducing them to you guys.


Once you learn the principles behind why a something works, the reality is that there are multiple different ways to get the same end result.


What I offer is simply what has been proven by thousands of our students who have gotten results, and the 89% of guys who go on to buy more than one course from us.


I’m blessed to have made such a difference in many guys’ lives, and I’m blessed to run an entire company that is aligned with our mission to KEEP changing guys lives.


But if something else works for you, then go for it.


Which reminds me - a ton of you guys have been emailing in questions about Craig’s unique card game.


Actually, a ton of guys in general have been asking. Craig told me that his customer support staff logged in 702 calls within the past 24 hours. Between our exclusive list and Craig’s guys, there’s MASSIVE buzz over this unique card game.


There are only 41 copies left, so get yours HERE


Anyways, figured I’d take the time and answer your questions ;)


David didn’t even know that women liked personality tests so much … so he asked “What’s so special about the Deck of Destiny … how does a card game get women chasing ME?”


Here’s what it is David - the unique thing about the game isn’t actually the cards - it’s the questions on the cards. These questions are known as “accelerator questions” and come from a famous sociology experiment.


You know how you can sometimes really connect with someone within a day? The accelerator questions on the cards make the exact same connection happen FAST - within the length of one game. Well, not the same connection … the questions also get the women very interested in you, so there’s no risk of ending up in the friend zone.


Sam, like me, is a classic introvert … he was worried about having to approach really hot women, so he asked “What if I’m bad at approaching? How do I use the cards?”


This is actually one of the best parts about Craig’s card game, Sam. Approach anxiety comes from when you put pressure on yourself to meet your hopes and expectations (like saying the perfect line, being 007 smooth, and so on).


But with this, you’re not hitting on women - you’re just playing a fun game (or phone app if you prefer that), and seeing what happens. And if you’re at a place where guys tend to hit on women … an interesting card game is always a better choice than a horrible pickup line from a creepy dude.


It’s perfect for introverts and typically shy guys.


Robert wanted to know the question everyone always asks: “Is the Deck of Destiny really Free?”


Yep. The only price that you’ll pay is a few dollars to cover shipping costs. But beside that, there are ZERO hidden fees. Plus, Craig’s throwing in some extra bonuses for you guys, on top of his 60-day guarantee.


If within the 60 risk free days the cards don’t work out for you , contact Craig and he’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.


If you have any more questions, THIS video will clear it up for you.


Rock and Roll,