- [Get This] My wedding gift to you

[Get This] My wedding gift to you

Everything happened so fast...from reciting my vows, to saying “I do”, to the roaring party after…


It’s a moment I’d been waiting for my whole life.


And it all started with the number one question in my head - “How do I get my dream girl?”.


When guys get into the details, more questions typically follow...


What do I say to her?


What do I text her?


What do I do during the first date?


And so on…


I’ve more than come up with answers to these questions in the decade I’ve been at this…


But first, I want to let you guys in on what’s going down this week.


Something BIG.


See, this week, we’re going back to the real core of TSM to celebrate a rather monumental occasion…


I just got married!


It’s been a hell of an adventure.


To think that I went from cracking a cold sweat at the mere thought of saying hi to a woman….


To running around wild and single in New York City…


To teaching thousands of guys my own theories, strategies, and tips on dating - “Game” that isn’t about manipulation or sleaziness, but a celebration of the natural masculine and feminine essence, and the interplay between the two...


I’ve since realized that ANY guy can become the best version of himself, date the woman of his dreams, and live the good life.


You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t feel in your heart that this is true.


And as I think about this moment in my life... As I've officially switched from "single" to "happily married"... I don’t feel for one moment like I’m compromising or giving up anything.


All the jokes about marriage notwithstanding - I truly believe that being in a long term relationship does NOT mean you have to give up anything in your life.


In fact, I feel like I’m gaining everything. A beautiful person physically, but also a true partnership. The woman who I’m going to build the rest of my life with.


When I started out, I did everything I could to find tricks and hacks and lines to get women into me.


But as I’ve since discovered through the years, the truth is this…


You don’t need tricks or mind control techniques to become magnetic to women.


Just Follow Her Obsession Story, And She’ll Want You As Her Boyfriend


So forget any “pickup artist” bs you’ve heard…


Forget anything manipulative or sleazy.


Do the work on yourself, follow her Obsession Story, and you’ll win your girl.


I’ve seen guys get courses and products in the admittedly strange corner of the world that is men’s dating advice.


And when some of them remark, “This is a scam! This doesn’t work!”


What’s stopping them from achieving success with these programs and in their dating lives isn’t the programs themselves…


But the beliefs that they consciously or unconsciously hold true.


In all honesty, I feel sorry for the guys who subscribe to the “Red Pill Movement” or the “MGTOW” crowd, the guys that harbor misguided and hateful beliefs towards women.


It’ll be pretty damn hard to have a woman trust you, open up to you, and share her love with you…


If you come into the very first interaction already untrusting, closed, and guarded.


But when you do the work on yourself in getting rid of these limiting beliefs that stop you from success in relationships,


There’s such a depth of experience, of richness, of beauty in this world waiting for you…


That can only be felt from the heart of a woman you’re romantic with.


You’ll enjoy dating,


Say goodbye to loneliness whether or not you’re single,


And walk tall with pride - knowing that you are DESIRED by women.


In my case, I’m overwhelmingly grateful to have found love, happiness, and fulfillment with my dream girl… and to have made it official.


These words I write to you now come from an incredible sense of contentment…


Because this is life at the peak, and my sincerest wish is for every guy in the TSM crew to enjoy the exact same experience.


So To Celebrate My Wedding, I’m Giving You A MASSIVE Discount On The Program That Started It All: The Girlfriend Activation System


I’ve often joked that I’m a “serial-monogamist”... meaning that I prefer longer relationships to one and done type deals.


But back when I was still getting better with women, I had no idea how to actually make a girl I liked my girlfriend.


It consumed me.


And in the midst of my frustrations of learning how to get a girlfriend…


I stumbled upon the very weird world of Literotica - those trashy romance novels that millions and millions of women buy and devour.


You’ve heard of Fifty Shades Of Grey, right? That’s one of the mainstream Literotica novels - and alone has sold over 100 Million copies!


My firm belief is that literotica "stimulates" a woman's mind in a way that she's genetically programed to respond to... it's really the only way to explain its popularity.


After some serious research, I’ve found that every guy in these novels, from the ripped, rich alpha males to the scrawny, weak betas that the women in these stories would fall for…


Would do the exact same things to win the girl!


And All They Did…Was Follow A Woman’s “Obsession Story”


After a ton of research, I outlined exactly what makes a woman fall in love... what you have to follow to get her obsessed with you.


I call it a woman’s “Obsession Story.”


And The Obsession Story is exactly what you’ll find in The Girlfriend Activation System.


Step-by-step, line-by-line…


I literally walk you through a woman’s Obsession Story, and tell you what dates to go on, and what to say to make her your girlfriend in six weeks or less.


I found that in my own life, I unknowingly followed the Obsession Story in every single one of the long term relationships I’ve been in.


And since I’ve taught this, first to private clients, then to larger audiences…


I learned that every single guy that followed The Obsession Story ended up with a girlfriend.


Even with my lovely wife, I followed the Obsession Story at the start of our relationship…


And here we are today :)


So get ready for tomorrow, because that’s when we’re launching my “wedding sale” of The Girlfriend Activation System.


You’ll definitely be able to afford it…


In fact, I bet your jaws will drop at the low investment I’ve priced it at…


And if you’re tired of not knowing:

“What do I say to her? What do I text her? What do I do during the first date?”


“How do I keep her interested in me? How do I make her my girlfriend?”


The Girlfriend Activation System will change that - you’ll get all the answers you’ve been wanting and so MUCH more...


So here’s to you, my man.

We’re getting you what you want and deserve.


Rock and Roll,