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Over the past few days, I’ve seen an INCREDIBLE response from you guys in the TSM Crew. In fact, by now, most people that have opened my emails this week already got their copy of The Girlfriend Activation System!


And because I’m celebrating my wedding, I’ve decided to take $170 OFF when you order The Girlfriend Activation System.


We’re Celebrating The Moment I’d Been Waiting For My Whole Life


I woke up this morning thinking back to my single days, before I was good with women, and long before I met my wife.


One of the WORST feelings in the world was waking up alone... day after day.  Especially weekends.  Because you know that every other damn couple is waking up, having morning sex, going to get brunch, and then enjoying their day off together.


And you're... waking up alone.  Again.


But you can end that RIGHT NOW:


Get A Woman Obsessed With You -

This Makes Her Your Girlfriend [Click HERE]


This is not about "getting laid at all costs". That stuff can be great fun, but if you're not interested in being a master pickup artist, it's also a lot of work.


No, the Girlfriend Activation System, is simply a step-by-step system for turning a girl you like, into a loyal girlfriend.  


And I’m doing this, because you deserve happiness…


You deserve to find your dream girl…


You deserve to find real love in your life.


I walk you through exactly how to activate her Obsession story…


How to get her on the first, second, third date…


Even what to say to her - so you’ll know step-by-step how to from stranger to her boyfriend.


If you’re doubtful, put your trust in the system, in me, and the community of over 100,000 guys that are here to support you.


Remember, you’ve also got my 365-Day guarantee, AND free trial access to TSM Society - where you can get personalized help and feedback on your specific situation.


And you’ve also got the massively valuable bonuses waiting for you, like the Instant Confidence Upgrade, The Endless Conversations Formula, The Art Of Seduction Masterclass, The Lustworthy Sex Masterclass, The R-Rated Texting Blueprint, The 7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s, The Frame Control Bible, and much more...


It took me years to get this stuff down...but you’re getting access to it all in just a few minutes from now. I’m giving you everything you need to get this girl thing handled, fast.


What You’re Going To Gain:


-The Girlfriend Activation System (Originally a $2000 Seminar)

-The Instant Confidence Upgrade ($497)

-The Art Of Seduction Masterclass ($97)

-The Frame Control Bible ($47)

-The Lustworthy Sex Masterclass ($97)

-The Endless Conversations Formula ($97)

-The R-Rated Texting Blueprint ($197)

-The 7 Commandments Of Dating 9’s And 10’s ($97)

-Trial Access To TSM Society ELITE ($197)

- 11 More Surprise Bonuses ($297+)

Total Value: $3,820


By now, you’ve realized that this is over $3,800 worth of my very best material… but because of this special wedding sale, you’re getting access for a MASSIVE discount.


How long have you been trying to figure this out?


How long have you been worried what to say, what to tell her, what to text her, how long have you been dying to meet the right woman for you?


Obviously I’m not charging you $197 for GFAS. But if I DID charge you $197, and it got you your dream girl as your girlfriend in 6 weeks or less, would it be worth it to you?


If all GFAS did was give you a step by step plan on how to get a girlfriend, instead of relying on guessing, trial and error, and suffering through years of bad, unsatisfying, unfulfilling relationships, would it be worth $197?


And if all the GFAS did was show you how to date higher quality women, your perfect 9’s and 10’s instead of settling for a woman who you aren’t happy with, would it be worth $197?


And if all the GFAS did was show you how to naturally attract your type of women into your life, without having to ‘master game’, without having to become some creepy pickup artist, without having to spend hours swiping right on online dating sites, without having to change who you are, would it be worth $197?


In short, you’re getting complete and total control of your dating life once you get inside The Girlfriend Activation System.


You can probably see why people have literally paid $2000 to get first access to this material...because it’s not a cost - it’s an INVESTMENT.


You’ve already seen how it’s worth at least $197. We’ve sold a ton of copies at that price, and you’ve already seen how it would still be a great deal.


But because I’m celebrating my wedding, and I want for YOU to find your special woman, I’m giving you a very special offer…


If you order The Girlfriend Activation System, I’m taking off $170 when you get your copy...for only $27.


So at this point, you have two choices.


The first choice is to do nothing. If you do nothing with what you’ve learned the past few days, with everything I’ve taught you so far, what do you get? Nothing.


Or you can choose the second choice - the better choice - to take a leap of faith. Just test out The Girlfriend Activation System to see if it will work for you.


And remember - even at this massively discounted price, I have a full 365 Day money-back guarantee for trying out the course. You have nothing to lose for trying the course.


Even if it does only one thing I’ve said so far, the $27 you’ll trade for complete access to the Girlfriend Activation System and my very best material on getting this area of your life handled is much less than the price of a single night out.


How many shitty nights out have you had trying to get this figured out?


This sale is closing TODAY, so click [THIS LINK] and get started with the GFAS right NOW.


Thanks for sticking with me here, and I’ll see you on the other side in the private member’s area.


Rock and Roll,



P.S. LAST CHANCE to get in on the GFAS Wedding Sale! It’s the only time I’ll ever give you $170 off when you order The Girlfriend Activation System, so click HERE and get in now!


P.P.S. Here’s a small sample of what other guys have said about the system:


“One time watching the GFAS videos, and I felt like I had completely changed my mindset on women. I got a girlfriend two weeks later and we have been happily dating for just over 3 Months!”


In health,






I now have model girls constantly texting me and fighting for my attention. Never have I ever thought that the simple techniques and teachings from The Girlfriend Activation System would have such impact on my life. I was in a really tough place when I first purchased your product and now there are so many girls in my life I am having trouble trying to keep track of all of them. Best of all they are all fully aware and know of each other as they all fight for my time and attention. It's fun when I invite all of them to a party and watch as they all talk about me with each other.


I'm really just reaching out to you because I'd like to personally thank you for showing me that anyone can live this lifestyle and be completely happy. I feel like such a better person and a more evolved human being. I will probably never get the chance to formally thank you in person, so I hope this email gets to you because I am truly grateful.


Again, thank you so much for your teachings Christian. You've helped mold me into the Man I've always wanted to be.







“Honestly it was the best decision i made. its not just about getting a girlfriend. After watching all the episodes from the GFA i found every aspect of my life had improved. It amplifies ways how to bring out yourself, and improve in ways I didnt know existed. This is not for hooking up. Its about finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. What I took away most is being genuine, and how much in different ways improving yourself benefits your life. I've been in a relationship for a while now with an amazing woman and I couldnt be happier. Christian really is one amazing guy that wants nothing else but to help people. The world needs more people like you. Cheers man!!”


    -David W.




"Hey Christian!!  After learning a lot from you last year i was just in the right place and i met this awesome and most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life and i was able to go for it and win her heart by just being the best of me and just for you to know last sunday was our 1 year anniversary and i couldn't be happier to be in this awesome and healthy relationship.

I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work.”


    -Serge P.




“Before I took the training, I was lucky to get a date maybe once a month. I consider myself a good guy. The few relationships I've had were amazing, but they seemed to fall apart from what felt was out of my control. Now, after the training, I understand the little things I was doing wrong. This program isn't at all like other dating advice I've come across. Christian gives simple pointers about how to and what to do, without coming across as a douche or changing who you are, which surprised me. Most tactics I've seen have all been about being a testosterone filled jerk to force a girl to submit to you. This is not like that at all. If anything, when applied appropriately, you will come across as the most interesting gentleman that is the obvious choice for any woman. Thanks Christian X1000! These programs are life savers.


Awesome group date I went on that was so much fun: A game of truth or dare at a Walmart. See where the night takes you”


-Theostravos K.




“I'd never have gotten past that point and been able to just let go and relax and enjoy this sort of thing though if I'd not seen that video on Dominance and the other on Being Genuine. Those two videos were worth the whole package in my opinion. There's that girl who is a potential longer-term thing, and 3-4 other's that I've met in the past few months. Regardless of outcome, I know what I'm doing now, and just getting that little brain reset through these videos has helped me out a lot when it comes to 'getting back out there' after a really long term thing.


All of that being said, I just wanted to share this story with you and give you a humble 'thanks' because this thing that looked like a big scam that I decided to take a chance on really worked out for me. It not only helped me be successful with meeting women that I am attracted to, but it helped me view myself in a different light, and that's so much more important than any hookup that could come out of using the system. So thanks, and good luck on your future projects!”


-David M.




Dude Christian I cannot explain to you how grateful I am for what you have given me, you have given me hope, you have changed my life with this product. I am brought to tears by this gift that you have bestowed upon me. You have given me the opportunity to truly find the women I will want in my life, who I will spend the rest of my life with. Thank you Christian. Thank you from the bottom of my heart from my future children, you have given me this. I have long awaited for a product like this and I have never found it. RSD and all those pick up artists are garbage, they dont teach you what you need to learn because they want to make more money. You truly want to help others and change the world.


With Love,


Gabriel Farias




"Hi guys,

Just wanted to say i’ve only just started this gfas training and… Wow! The great thing about it is that its not just about bettering yourself with women, its about bettering yourself in life full stop. I love this approach as you can stay true to yourself and long term this will be beneficial as its not the short cut route that some pick up artists like to teach. I already feel like i have an aura about me, and girls suddenly can’t take their eyes off me! It’s like i’m on a different level. It’s only been a few days!!

Can’t wait to keep learning more!


Keep up the great work guys. Life’s a game, lets win it ;)”


-Mark S.




"Using some of the materials in the course, I was so surprised that they actually worked. Suddenly I was getting the attention of these girls, and getting their number and going on dates with them. I previously never thought this would be possible. Putting Christian’s advice into practice, and seeing results, really boosted my confidence …and that in turn, the extra confidence boosted my effectiveness at getting dates with girls.


Over the last year, I dated two doctors, an architect, a software entrepreneur, a professional ballerina, and many others.


And I stopped worrying about screwing things up a.) because I knew what I was supposed to do, and was prepared to take each next step, and b.) because my success rate went through the roof, so for the first time I truly believed “there’s plenty more fish in the sea” …so I could wait to find a girl who I truly value, and who truly values me.


What’s more, a big part of the appeal of this whole course is that it’s not just techniques, it’s principles to make a whole relationship work and last. I’m now confident that I can maintain this relationship with this amazing girl. And that’s because Christian’s message encouraged me to actually become a better person, not just to try some clever tricks to get dates.


I’ve got so much from this course, not just an amazing girlfriend, but also more confidence and therefore more satisfaction out of all aspects of life.


I’m walking on sunshine dudes, and it was all down to me, and the changes I took initiative to make in my life …but it was this course that activated those changes. Thanks a million, it was worth every cent.


Best regards,