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The Easy Way to Make Smoothies, Puree Sauces and More

Rather than transferring your food into an overly large and cumbersome food processor, blender or mixer, you can quickly achieve the same results with an immersion blender. You can not only easily puree soups or sauces in a few quick bursts of power, but also make quick work of nut butters, dips, smoothies or mixed drinks. Many of these immersion blenders also come with potentially attractive accessories such as a whisk or chopper.

To find the best immersion blender, our writer road-tested a half-dozen of the leading models, mixing and blending a fresh-made tomato pasta sauce; pureeing a smooth, roasted squash soup; and chopping and blending a fruit smoothie made from juice, frozen mangoes and strawberries. 

And while all models performed well, his hands-down favorite was the Breville Control Grip. Its powerful but quiet motor, extended-length blending shaft, comfortable controls and useful accessories put it over the top.

Find out more about our pick for the best immersion blender in our story on Techlicious.

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Suzanne Kantra
Founder, Techlicious

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