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There’s Never a Good Time to Start an ERP Implementation


“Employees have a lot on their plates right now.” “Some of the executives are taking vacations this summer.” “We don’t know if we can get the budget approved.” “Now’s just a bad time.” “Let’s wait to see what happens with the economy.”

Sound familiar? These are many of the reasons we hear when organizations say they can’t start their ERP implementations right now.

Unfortunately, there is never a good time to start an enterprise software initiative, but it’s something that most organizations need to further their businesses, scale for growth, increase revenue and improve delivery to their customers. In other words, it’s a necessary evil – and one that’s not easy to successfully pull off, either.

But there are a million reasons why starting your ERP project now makes more sense than waiting. Here are four considerations to help you determine if now is the right time:

1.  Weigh the costs versus the benefits of starting your ERP initiative now. There are certainly costs associated with starting your project now. Money, time, resources and heartburn are some of the things you can expect to invest in your initiative. However, in most cases . . . continue reading.


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