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Lessons From Digital Enterprise Boot Camp


Last week, we hosted our most recent Digital Enterprise Boot Camp in Chicago. This three-day training event was a good way for us to collaborate with some of the world’s leading CIOs and digital transformation project teams, and the event provided some good takeaways for those about to embark on a related initiative in the coming months.

The event was attended by thought leaders from as close as Chicago to as far as Singapore. Here are some of the key takeaways:

Pivoting from a traditional ERP software mentality to a digital transformation is easier said than done. CIOs and others in the IT profession have developed a lot of bad habits over the last 30 years of enterprise software initiatives, so embracing different approaches can be a difficult proposition. Traditional waterfall development approaches, big ERP software, myopic focus on technology and limiting your options to the same Tier I ERP vendors are examples of things that may have worked in the past, but aren’t always the best answer in today’s age. These tectonic shifts . . . continue reading.


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