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Microsoft,Intel Unveil FPGA-driven ‘Real-Time AI’ in Azure

We know about the seeming light-speed processing power of FPGAs and the natural fit they pose for data-dense AI workloads. But we also know that FPGAs present usability and programmability problems that flummox IT shops. It's assumed that it would take the resource riches of a FANG... Full Article...

Blockchain: Global Food Companies Use New IBM Platform to Detect Contaminated Food

IBM today joined in the recent spate of blockchain news from Intel and Microsoft with two significant announcement... Full Article...

IoT: The Crippling Effect of Outdated Connectivity

While hardware and cloud environments have made it easier for companies to advance their IoT infrastructures, this has also brought to the forefront a glaring, remaining challenge: connectivity... Full Article...

Tight DRAM Supplies Jar Server Market

Tightening global supplies of DRAM chips are beginning to bite with reports surfacing this week about rising server memory prices as chipmakers struggle to meet growing demand. Among the first signs of tighter DRAM supplies and rising prices was a quarterly report by a memory market tracker... Full Article...

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Roundtable Webinar| Storage Strategies in the Age of Intelligence
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Best Practices for HPC Centers and Their Industrial Partners

What’s the best way for HPC centers in the public sphere to engage with private industry partners to boost the competitiveness of the companies and the larger communities? That question is at the heart of a new study ... Full Article...

AMD Lines Up New China Datacenter Partners
As the server market stalls, processor makers continue to search for greener pastures. Among the most promising is the booming Chinese datacenter market, where processor maker Advanced Micro Devices announced expanded partnerships this week with a trio of hyperscale providers along with Lenovo... Full Article...

CSRA Emerges as U.S. IT Powerhouse
A well connected IT services provider formed through the merger of established government contractors is steadily extending its reach from providing cloud services the U.S. military to training the next wave of cyber security specialists. CSRA Inc., Falls Church, Va., was spun off from... Full Article...

Attacks, Regs Driving Security Spending
Reflecting growing cyber security threats, global spending on information security products is expected to rise by 7 percent this year, according to a new forecast. Gartner Inc. pegs the global market for information security products and services at $86.4 billion this year, predicting it... Full Article...

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