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4 Tech Giants Outline Battle Plans for High End Data Center Market of the 2020’s

Four companies engaged in a cage fight for leadership in the emerging “advanced data center” market of the 2020’s are, despite deep differences in some areas, in violent agreement on at least one thing: the power consumption and latency penalties of data movement is Public Enemy No. 1... Full Article...

Microsoft Bolsters Azure With Cloud HPC Deal

Microsoft has acquired cloud computing software vendor Cycle Computing in a move designed to bring orchestration tools along with high-end computing access capabilities to the cloud. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. According to the web site Crunchbase, a Microsoft... Full Article...

Overcoming SD-WAN FUD

When a promising new technology emerges, the initial excitement is soon over-shadowed by anxiety about taking on something new. SD-WAN is one such technology that has many CIOs on the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) fence. Yet, viewed within Gartner Group’s “Hype Cycle,”... Full Article...

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Navops by Univa | Superpowers for Kubernetes
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Docker Gets Upgrade as Container Market Heats Up

As concerns grow over the slow migration of application container technology beyond backend development, container leader Docker is rolling out the latest release of its enterprise container service for managing Linux and Windows applications. The release adds support for mainframe ... Full Article...

As Datacenters Bulge, Switch Maker Claims Record
Cloud migrations, big data and mobility are reshaping the datacenter as more servers are linked and bandwidth capacity joins scaling as essential requirements. Those needs are creating opportunities for network gear vendors as datacenters make the jump to bigger IPv6 pipes.​... Full Article...

Splunk Beefs Up Cloud Monitoring Tool
As enterprises accelerate the shift to a hybrid private/public cloud model, a growing list of data analytics vendors are stepping up to offer cloud monitoring and other tools designed to ease cloud migrations that are expected to consume the lion's share of IT budgets over the next year... Full Article...

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Atipa Technologies | Intel Custom Servers & Workstations
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