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The Phishing Breakthrough Point

Utilizing security awareness training and phishing security tests can be a useful and effective tool to reduce unintentional insider threats. However, if robust metrics are not put in place to effectively gauge the click rate patterns from a human landscape perspective, phishing tests can create organizational social engineering blind spots. Meaningful phishing assessment metrics should go beyond the click rate, and understand human patterns relative to their job and work environment.

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The Dawn Of Data-Driven Healthcare
June 14th, 2017 1:00PM EST

Join guest Forrester Research analyst Kate McCarthy and Andy Bartley from Intel, as they discuss insights from an Intel-commissioned survey of healthcare decision makers in the US and China. You will learn:

  • How organizations like yours are approaching advanced analytics
  • How systems of insights and engagement can reshape the future of healthcare
  • How organizations can leverage systems of engagement to see meaningful ROI

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On Demand Webcast: Simplify Healthcare Data Management to Realize the Benefits of a Vendor Neutral Archive

For healthcare providers it is imperative that sharing diagnostic images and other patient information provides value beyond a certain discipline to improve overall treatment quality, safety, and efficiency. While a VNA can help the whole care team access aggregated images and other longitudinal patient information from disparate systems, a VNA with the right infrastructure can help you build a healthcare data lake and unlock insights.

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Best Practices for Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers often help healthcare organizations improve business practices, but they create special challenges for IT. See how technical staff can best handle the complexity of healthcare mergers and acquisitions – read this white paper today.

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Is Telemedicine Reliable Enough for Conducting Eye Exams?

Connecticut lawmakers are putting the brakes on telemedicine for eye exams, saying the technology isn’t advanced enough to replace the in-person visit. Similar battles over “ocular telehealth” and playing out in several states. Full Story

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Chicago, IL | June 22-23, 2017

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Featured Panel: Putting Value-Based Care into Action: Use Cases from the Field
Our panel will discuss their real-world experiences with risk sharing, bundled payments, accountable care organizations, and other value-based contracting initiatives. Learn about the challenges, opportunities, and best practices involved in succeeding with the financial transition.

The University of Toledo Medical Center, East Tx ACO/IPA, Cleveland Clinic

Employer Health Plans See Spike In Out-of-Pocket Costs

The National Center for Health Statistics study found a double-digit increase in the use of high-deductible employer health plans has generated increased economic strain for members. Beneficiaries reported struggling to pay medical bills or delaying and avoiding care due to higher out-of-pocket costs. Full Story

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Best Practices for Dealing With Phishing and Ransomware

Phishing and ransomware are serious problems that can steal data or disable access to your organization’s network. Both ransomware and phishing are increasingly common and are having devastating impacts on businesses of all sizes. The FBI estimates that ransomware alone cost organizations $209 million in just the first three months of 2016!

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High Costs, Little Return are Hurting Health Insurers under ACA

High cost beneficiaries, risk adjustment methodologies, and insufficient capital are the top three issues facing health insurers today, according to MinuteMan CEO Tom Policelli. As the national debate over the future of the ACA and potential repeal-and-replace efforts continues, payers and patients are facing increasing premiums, larger deductibles and widespread instability in the health insurance marketplace. Full Story

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Centene Will Enter Health Insurance Exchanges in 3 New States

Centene Corporation will expand its presence in a number of state health insurances exchanges in 2018, building on its successful 2017 marketplace results. The payer is planning to enter the Kansas, Missouri and Nevada health insurance exchanges. Full Story

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