DABCC - IT White Papers Monthly Digest (Cloud, Desktop, Mobility & Virtualization)

IT White Papers Monthly Digest (Cloud, Desktop, Mobility & Virtualization)

Hot off the presses! Below is a list of the white papers released over the past 30 days. Browse through the list and you might just find something that interests you. 

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Top 7 Challenges Migrating to the Cloud White Paper

By ScaleArc on May 05, 2017 05:59 am

Moving mission-critical workloads to the cloud delivers a range of compelling business benefits, including increased agility, pay-as-you-go cost structures, and the ability to leverage the provider’s system administration experts to keep your systems up, running, and patched. But migrating to the cloud is not without its challenges. Focus on solving these known challenges to make […]

The Top 5 Ways to Maximize SQL Server Availability

By ScaleArc on May 03, 2017 10:46 am

Maximizing SQL Server availability is a double-edged sword. In a perfect world, every user in every organization would have every system available 100% of the time. But as companies face the costs and logistics to make that happen, the opportunity arises for important dialogue between IT professionals and executives to determine how best to increase […]

Achieving Zero Downtime for Apps in a SQL Server Environment White Paper

By ScaleArc on May 02, 2017 10:28 am

Whether unplanned or planned, downtime disrupts business continuity. The cost of downtime comes in many forms, including: Poor user experience Decreased productivity Wasted time and IT resources Lost revenue With an increasing number of servers requiring ever longer maintenance windows, planned updates, such as patching software, can take hours. For software-as-aservice (SaaS) providers and businesses […]

Gartner: My “How to Hunt for Security Threats” Paper Published

By Gartner on Apr 10, 2017 02:23 am

My mini-paper on threat hunting is out!Review “How to Hunt for Security Threats” (Gartner GTP access required) and provide feedback here. The abstract states “Technical professionals focused on security are starting to explore the mysterious practice of “threat hunting” to improve their security monitoring and operations. This requires uniquely skilled personnel and wide-ranging data collection […]

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