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June 15, 2017 | User news is the official bi-weekly newsletter of CiviCRM

CiviCon Cologne

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Written by Josh Gowans, CiviCRM Core Team - June 14, 2017

Along with the Core Team, several contributors in the community have been testing Gitlab as an overall project management and communications tools for the CiviCRM... read more

Written by Jamie Novick, Compucorp Ltd - June 8, 2017

This year our main event will have a focus on user and implementer/advanced user sessions (i.e., anything you can do without code!), with the developer training happening... read more

Written by Joe McLaughlin - June 6, 2017

There are between 10,000 and 11,000 organizations worldwide actively using CiviCRM *right now* to manage hundreds of millions of contacts, receive millions of... read more

Written by CiviDesk - June 1, 2017

By now, if you attended CiviCon St. Louis (and we sure hope you did!), you have had time to process the experience and perhaps even begin to apply some things you... read more

Written by CiviDesk - May 31, 2017

The Wisconsin Nonprofits Association (WNA) is a statewide membership organization with the mission of strengthening Wisconsin’s nonprofits. The association provides... read more

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Empowering Partner since 2013

Circle Interactive is a small friendly digital agency based in Bristol, UK where we've been supporting public, private and third sector clients since 2005. Our mission is to enable our clients to make a real difference through high quality consultancy, development and support around open source software systems. Based in United Kingdom.

Empowering Partner since 2014

Our technology philosophy is human-centric. People power is key to advancing the causes of nonprofit and advocacy organizations; technology should empower individuals rather than attempt to replace or de-emphasize their roles. For us, this means listening to our customers and really understanding what drives them so we can suggest the best solution to help them realize their vision. Based in United States.

Joe McLaughlin

Supporting Partner since 2017

Freelance CiviCRM coaching. Based in United States.

CivICRM Events

The events listed below are upcoming as of today. Please check online to view the full list of conferences, events, meetups and partner-led trainings. Click here for a full listing of events.

> Jun 15 | Remote documentation sprint - CiviCRM Sprint

> Jun 21 | 2 day user & administrator training - Workshop, Manchester UK

> Jun 22 | User & administrator training - Workshop, London UK

> Jun 22 | CiviCRM Leeds Meetup - Meetup, Leeds UK

> Jun 27 | CiviTip: CiviVolunteer - Online training, 11:30am ET

> Jun 28 | Free CiviCRM Seminar - Workshop, London UK, 10:00am GMT

> Jun 30 | Organize, maintain and search your data - Online training, 2:00pm ET

> Jul 3 | Meetup CiviCRM Paris - Meetup, Paris FR, 9:00am GMT

> Jul 5 | CiviTip: Price Sets - Online training, 2:30pm ET

> Jul 7 | Fundamentals of Contact Management - Online training, 11:00am ET

> Jul 11 | CiviCRM 101 Free Webinar Series - Webinar, 1:00pm ET 6:00pm GMT

> Jul 12 | Organizing a membership renewal campaign - Online training, 11:00am ET

> Jul 13 | User & administrator training - Workshop, Bristol UK, 9:30am GMT

> Jul 13 | CiviTip: Batch update via profile - Online training, 2:30pm ET

> Jul 20 | Fundamentals of Contribution Management - Online training, 12:00pm ET

> Jul 26 | CiviCRM London Meetup - Meetup, London UK, 6:00pm GMT

CiviCRM Jobs

CiviCRM Jobs is a community resource that enables organizations to promote employment opportunities and find quality help. 

> Support and training specialist, part-time, remote - Jvillage Network

> Database support associate, full-time, Washington DC - AGH Strategies

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CiviCon Cologne
CiviCon Cologne

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