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Build Your Bandsaw Knowledge for Safer, Better Cuts

Get better performance from your bandsaw, learn essential techniques for operating it and add useful accessories to your machine. Join me, professional woodworker Andy Rae, for my free online Craftsy class, The Bandsaw: Setting Up for Successful Sawing, and tune your saw as well as your skills to make beautiful cuts easy.

In this class, we'll cover how to maintain and adjust your machine, add accessories, and prepare your saw for smooth cutting. You'll find out how to cut multiple pieces to exact size, resaw thin stock, tackle large lumber, and even create joinery. I'll also share tips for cutting perfect arcs, circles and bevels.

We'll start class by discussing proper bandsaw care and maintenance. During this lesson, you'll learn which blades are best for each cut, as well as how to make sure your saw's wheels are in good working order. Then, I'll guide you through installing a blade and adjusting blade guides to achieve perfect cuts every time.
With these basics covered, we'll look at some affordable and easy–to–install accessories that can help you cut more efficiently and more safely. We'll move on to advice for making cuts using standard, magnetic, and resaw fences, as well as how to adjust your fences to account for drift.

Feeding wood safely through the saw is an essential bandsaw skill. I'll walk you through the proper techniques for making straight cuts in wood of any size, with or without a fence. Next, I'll demonstrate how your bandsaw can be used to create perfect–fitting lap and mortise–and–tenon joints.

Looking to cut perfect arcs and circles? No problem. I'll guide you through doing exactly that using a few simple jigs (the plans for these are included in your class materials). We'll also talk about how to cut curves freehand without a fence. Plus, I'll teach you how to use a pattern with your bandsaw to easily replicate precise cuts.
Enroll for free in The Bandsaw: Setting Up for Successful Sawing, and learn smart bandsaw skills to make accurate cuts safely and easily.

I've been working wood for over three decades, designing and building furniture as well as teaching and writing about the craft. My work has been featured in galleries, museums, and in the homes of clients around the world.

I've written over 100 articles for woodworking publications such as Woodcraft magazine, American Woodworker, and Fine Woodworking. I'm also the author of five books, including Furniture and Cabinet Construction (2001, Taunton Press) and Working with Wood (2005, Taunton Press). My woodworking studio is located in Asheville, among the wild and wooded Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina.

I hope to see you in class, which you can watch anytime, anywhere. You'll build your bandsaw confidence so you can enjoy your work and your results more than ever.
Andy Rae | Craftsy Instructor
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