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Enhance your woodworking abilities with safe, efficient and effective table saw techniques. I'm Kevin Rodel, a fine furniture maker and the instructor of this online Craftsy class, Table Saw Tips & Techniques sponsored by Woodcraft. I hope you'll join me, and make this essential tool even more valuable as you learn to use it for milling, joinery and even coving.

This class will give you a thorough knowledge of the workings of your table saw. I'll help you build and use simple jigs and fence add–ons (all shown in class). You'll see how to succeed at making many important joints: tenons, dadoes and rabbets, half–laps and grids, and square cut–outs. We'll even cover how you can create eye–catching coving on your table saw.
I'll start class by familiarizing you with your table saw as well as essential blades and how to change them. We'll continue with how to create a sliding rip fence you can accessorize to easily cut tenons, dadoes, rabbets and more. Then, we'll build a simple crosscut sled, so it's simple to crosscut multiple small pieces, large panels and more.

With these jigs covered, I'll show you how to cut lots of common joints on your table saw. We'll talk about two methods for making tenons. Next, I'll teach you to create tongue–and–groove joinery that's helpful for making doors as well as for frame and panel construction. And, you'll discover how to cut beautiful, versatile half–lap joints for furniture–making, cabinetry and more.
We'll move on to creating some more advanced joints. You'll find out how to create bevel cuts, which are very useful for coopering cabinet doors and more. We'll make perfect miter joints for boxes, picture frames and cabinet doors that show no end grain. After that, you'll see how to create bridle joints that allow you to join very narrow members.

Then, you'll learn to create stopped cuts while preventing kickback. I'll go over how to execute a plunge cut safely and effectively. We'll also cover how to create stopped dados and stopped rabbets, which have a wide variety of applications — from building shelves to window jams and more.

In our final lesson, you'll find out how to use a stop to cut multiple identical parts. We'll look at how to use stops and spacers to easily create a grid structure made with half–lap joints. When you enroll in Table Saw Tips & Techniques, you'll also learn special techniques such as how to make cove cuts, cut square openings and resaw thick stock.
I've been a full–time furniture maker for 35 years. I've published numerous magazine articles on woodworking and co–authored the book Arts & Crafts Furniture: From Classic to Contemporary in 2003. My work has been featured in several books on crafts and design and I've exhibited at the annual CraftBoston Show as well as the Smithsonian Craft Show.

Since 2001, I've enjoyed spending part of every year as a teacher at many different furniture schools around the country. I also had the opportunity to teach in Australia for three months in 2014. I enjoy traveling to teach, but there's only so many woodworkers I can reach that way. I'm excited that with Craftsy, you can watch my class anytime, anywhere. Refer back to it in your shop anytime you need a refresher on a particular technique!

I look forward to sharing these valuable table saw techniques with you, so you can get more value and better results from this essential tool.

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Kevin Rodel | Craftsy Instructor
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