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Features: Case study on connectivity, how we helped a dance study and supply chain students, and more!
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Case Study: A Secondary Level Of Connectivity Reduces Potential Lost Revenue And Increases Customer Service


  • Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Binghamton, NY, Mirabito is a full-service energy provider.
  • Operates 101 convenience stores and offers a variety of products, including heating oil, propane, natural gas, coal, gasoline, diesel fuels, and kerosene.


  • Constant outages of the broadband network.
  • Essential store operations down during outages.
  • Thousands of dollars in lost revenue and poor customer service


  • Cradlepoint AER1600 Series Routers and NetCould Enterprise Cloud Manager to manage each of the devices remotely.
  • Barcoding performed device staging services and worked directly with vendors.


  • Redundant connectivity with a new cellular network backup.
  • Reduction in lost connectivity.
  • Improved customer service resulting in higher store profits.

“Barcoding’s solution puts the power back in the employees’ hands by taking away the challenge of operating without internet, which allows them to better serve the customer. All of which results in a better customer experience and consequently, higher profits for our stores.” Eric M. Bunts, chief information officer (CIO), Mirabito Holdings, Inc.

Read the full story here.

Speeds and Feeds: Simple Inventory Management with IntelliTrack® & Quickbooks®

intellitrack_quickbooks.pngSeamless inventory management starts here. Take your Quickbooks-based business to the next level with simple, smart, and flexible inventory management. By using the Quickbooks IntelliTrack plugin, inventory management is now efficient and accurate. Find out more now!

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In the Community: Anne Arundel Community College and Warehouse Efficiency

barcoding_aacc_dance.pngAnne Arundel Community College (AACC) needed a better way to manage the inventory in their dance studio. Partnering with the Transportation, Logistics, and Cargo Security Program students and faculty, we created their new Dance Studio Barcode Warehouse.

The Warehouse

The Dance Studio Barcode Warehouse solution gives the college’s Dance Department an efficient check in/check out process and an inventory control process for their clothing, costumes, and other items (using IntelliTrack software).

The Department previously stored these items in cabinets, but the new system places the items on racks and shelves, in bins, and labeled bags. Each item was also labeled with a barcode. To do this, everyone involved helped remove all of the items from inventory and then enter specific data about each item into the new IntelliTrack system.

Now, the Dance Department can see in real-time what pieces are still in inventory and what has been issued out to students. This will help the Department save time looking for pieces within inventory, and reduce the amount of time it takes to issue out and check in items.

Moreover, the warehouse will help students outside of the Dance Department. Students in the Transportation, Logistics, and Cargo Security Program assisted in the implementation of the barcode warehouse. The students gained real world experience on how to improve warehouse functionality by implementing this logistics technology first-hand.


Creating the warehouse was a tremendous collaboration around AACC’s campus. Funding for the new equipment was donated by the Office of Student engagement, and Barcoding donated a PC, barcode scanner, a hand-held tracking device, and our implementation specialists. Additionally, the college organized student interns and service learning students to assist with the project.

More photos from the Grand Opening on our Facebook!